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J. Anise grew up on the East Side of Saginaw, Michigan. She was raised in a Christian household by her father and mother, both educators, who always emphasized the importance of keeping God first in her life. J. Anise grew up loving God, music, and literature. She began writing poems and short stories in elementary school. She played the clarinet and later played the trumpet.

J. Anise describes herself as a “songwriter who just happens to know how to rap.” She began rapping and posting her music on social media shortly after high school. J. Anise began her rap career with a soulful sound and a conscious-based message. Once J. Anise started college, she began to focus more on her songwriting skills while juggling two jobs and attending classes. After graduating from college, J. Anise began working in education and returned to recording and performing.

Throughout her life, J. Anise has always kept her faith first and persevered when faced with adversity. As her relationship with Christ began to deepen, her outlook shifted. This led her to a path more connected to her spiritual roots. J. Anise wanted her career in music to mirror her reality. Now J. Anise is sharing just how important it is to “Give Thanks” to God.

“Give Thanks”  is available now on all streaming platforms.

Listen below:


“My music is always about spreading goodness, love and truth. I make music that lets people know whatever life throws at you…you don’t have to do it alone. You have a choice…God got you!”


Count The Ways

The new children's book by J. Anise available now!

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